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Welcome to  As time pass by, I may post other funny grumpy things in here, just to cheer up that lousy moment!  When you are grumpy, think about the fun things!  It takes 17 muscle to smile, but 43 to frown!  So, smile, cheer up, stop being grumpy and make everyone around you happier too!


My Sys Admin Pocket Survival Guide (PSG) is now off Google Apps and hosted as a DropBox public share instead.  

Recommended servers to access PSG pages:

1. (primary host now).

2. (coming soon).

3.  My home FTP server  (up sporadically). 

Other older mirrors are also listed at the the bottom of the main PSG page.

These are hardly, if ever up now

4.  (the plug pictorial page is here)

5.  Alternate Opera Unite (most likely not up.)

6. The old pages are still in, but I can no longer upload new changes to it.


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Other pages:


Admin use: 

Google apps pages for grumpyxmas: - igoogle like page - "Google Sites" management.  Custom applet/widget and links, has a MS SharePoint site feel to it.  PSG "site" is accessible at - gmail for the site (hopefully can forward email to my main acc). - "Web Pages", PSG was able to upload pages here, but no more :(   To edit this page, click on the "sign-in" link at the bottom, then there will be edit button from the browser to edit this page.